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Why choose Natural Stonescapes for your custom landscaping project

When you hire Natural Stonescapes to transform your property, you’re getting more than our 31 years of landscaping experience in this region of Ontario. You’re getting a landscape you’ll enjoy for a long, long time.

Here’s what you can expect.

A beautiful design built to last

If you live in Collingwood, Thornbury, the Blue Mountains or Meaford, you already know that the Southern Georgian Bay region is one of the most beautiful anywhere. Steep cliffs, rolling hills, and broad coastal vistas make for breathtaking landscapes.

Escarpment retaining wall

But that same dramatic landscape poses hidden challenges when we try and create our outdoor spaces. Many country homes and estate homes in this area sit at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment or deep in ravines, where erosion poses a formidable threat. While these challenges are sometimes very apparent, they’re often invisible to an inexperienced eye. And a built landscape that hasn’t been properly prepared will quickly reveal its flaws as the ground heaves and shifts.

We’ve lived and worked in this area of Ontario for decades; we thoroughly understand the geography and the unique characteristics of this beautiful region. So we devote a major part of our landscape design-build service to ensuring you’ll enjoy the finished work far into the future, with no worries. That includes anticipating drainage issues, designing and installing natural-looking and effective grading; ensuring a good solid base; and installing retaining systems that appear natural and attractive while doing their very important jobs.

A smooth, stress-free process

Our many years of experience landscaping in the region around Southern Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment also makes the entire process smoother for you. The number of permits and approvals required for a substantial landscaping project might surprise you, but fortunately you don’t have to worry about them. We’re well versed in what’s needed, and we deal successfully with these authorities all the time.

We can also help you maintain a good relationship with your neighbours during the process, by respecting both their property and their enjoyment of it throughout the project.

Landscaping features that fit perfectly into your surroundings

Your Natural Stonescapes landscaping will look as if it belongs, as if it has been there forever. Our goal is to create the garden spaces and features and vistas you’ve imagined, while making everything appear natural and timeless.

To do that, we follow a simple rule of thumb: we normally won’t introduce more than three hard materials into your design. Any more and it can look too busy and out of place.

And we use natural stone appropriately – Bruce Peninsula-quarried limestone for country and Escarpment properties; granite and Armour Stone from Simcoe County for homes closer to Georgian Bay.

Understanding landscaping companies

It can be difficult to know what you’re getting when you hire a landscape company. Most companies are either very design oriented or very construction oriented. With the former, you basically get a management company. For a substantial price, their landscape designers or landscape architects will create a plan and sub-contract the work to a landscape construction company and monitor the process – charging you throughout.

Very large landscape companies will often add that management fee into their price, essentially hiring a landscape architect to monitor their own construction and installation crews.

Natural Stonescapes represents a rare hybrid – a smaller company that provides complete landscape design-build services. This saves you money and ensures a smooth, controlled process. You can count on us for everything from identifying unique site characteristics, to designing a plan that fits the property and your vision, to direct supervision and construction right through to the day we pack up.

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