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Home Water features Waterfalls, streams and ponds bring drama, tranquility to your landscape

Waterfalls, streams and ponds bring drama, tranquility to your landscape

We hope these photos of garden and landscaping waterfalls, streams, and ponds inspire ideas when planning your own home’s landscape.

As everyday life gets more complex, the simple serenity of water provides a welcome balm.

Ponds add a magical feel to the landscaping around your home, and they can go just about anywhere. Set a pond in a private enclave; design an eye-catching focal point for the front lawn; dapple your walls with reflections and catch a glimpse of a sparkling surface from your living room; or surround it with porches and paths for a delightful family gathering place.

If you want your water feature to be aesthetically pleasing from your living areas, such as the kitchen window, living room, deck and patio, you need to remember that the view, reflection and scale of the pond should also be satisfying from a closer range.

Ponds that invite a more intimate experience may not even be visible from within your home. They may present themselves as a stunning surprise hidden in a remote location, framed by its own cozy setting. Inviting pathways, decks, seating or a gazebo can all add to the experience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask questions, learn more, or see a more extensive portfolio of designs of ponds, waterfalls, streams and other water features we’ve created for fine homes in Meaford, Thornbury, Collingwood and the Blue Mountains.

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