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Home Swimming pools and spas Gunite concrete pools and spas offer unlimited design options

Gunite concrete pools and spas offer unlimited design options

While steel and vinyl swimming pools offer a wide array of designs and styles, gunite concrete swimming pools give you an absolutely limitless choice of shape, size, borders, finish and coping.

Gunite refers to the process of mixing air with super strength concrete so that it can be sprayed on to steel reinforced forms. This allows for a single continuous “pour”, which eliminates the joint problems and reduces the cracking issues associated with traditional poured concrete. The resulting shell is virtually indestructible, and it can be finished with tile, slate or coloured plaster (“marbolite”).

This technique is ideal for pools and spas, and allows for endless design possibilities, including both shape, site location, and such features as a “vanishing edge”. The shell can also be easily insulated to protect plumbing.

Your concrete pool is constructed completely on-site to custom specifications, and takes approximately two months to build.

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