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Natural stone retaining walls and steps merge form and function

Retaining walls and steps needn’t simply be functional. They can also be dramatic, attractive features of your landscapes. The most challenging sites to landscape are invariably flat. Grade changes allow for added dimension and spaces in the landscape, inviting the introduction of natural wall and step materials – a such as granite, limestone, and armour


Stone and concrete add style to driveways and edgers

A properly installed driveway, pathway or garden edger can be both an aesthetically pleasing and functional finishing touch to your landscape. Pre-cast concrete products, natural stone sets or pinned steel strips can be used to contain and separate garden beds, driveways and turfed areas while setting finish grades that will assure positive drainage. Please don’t


Walkways, paths and plantings

“The path and entrance to a house can determine how much a house feels like an inner sanctum, like an inviting shelter. A good entrance creates a feeling of a private domain, a world apart” Christopher Alexander, et al – A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction For the most part, your home’s architecture establishes the